Informational Videos About Technology Used By Jade Alarm Co.

SecureNet True Digital Radio

How a wireless radio monitoring solution in Ireland is defeating burglars.

Residential keypad operation using shortcut keys

Using shortcut keys, you can instantly arm your system and perform many other common functions.

Shortcut keys are one more way that we provide you with systems that create strong security but are fast and easy to operate.

Residential: Is this a false alarm?

Our False Alarm question feature puts you in touch with false alarm prevention technology that is so simple, it works. The system prompts users with 'Is this a false alarm?' to cancel or verify the alarm right at the keypad. With the user's response, the Central Station Monitoring Command Center receives a simple Alarm verified by user or Alarm canceled by user message.

This also allows users to silence alarm bells on site without disarming the system, providing time to investigate the cause of an alarm without canceling the alert to the Central Station. Its optimum convenience with maximum security.

Residential: Home/Sleep/Away operation

Most home alarm systems using only interior and perimeter protection provide more security for your flat screen TV when you are away than when your daughter is sleeping in her bedroom. Does that make sense?

We give you a better way of protecting your residence and your family, with options to set your system to Home, Sleep, or Away. This feature helps ensure that you get the greatest possible protection from your investment in your alarm system.

Residential: Alarm Memory

Most home security systems are designed to automatically silence the alarm after a few minutes. The problem is that if you are not home when the alarm sounds you could come home later, not realize that someone has broken into your home ... and walk in on an intruder. With our home security system, the keypad backlight changes color to red when the alarm has been activated and it stays red until you clear the alarm and reset the keypad. The visual alert provided by our red-illuminated keypad gives you an instant warning of possible danger, and gives you the opportunity to stay safely outside until help arrives.

Key fobs and wireless panic buttons

If you are like most people, you lock and unlock your car doors using a wireless key fob. One touch to lock, another to unlock. Most fobs also include a button for PANIC that sounds the car horn and flashes the lights.

That same kind of convenience is also available for your home or office security system with our durable, water-resistant alarm system wireless key fob.

ProSeries motion detectors and false alarms

How the ProSeries motion detector prevents false alarms.

ProSeries detecting stealthy intruders

ProSeries motion detectors and small animals

Detecting attempted defeat of ProSeries motion sensors

SmartLoc Rekeyable Lock Cylinders

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