7 Tips to Protect Your Business or Home During an Extended Shutdown

The current COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented disruptions to all aspects of our lives. While the ‘shelter in place’ orders are being slowly lifted, there are still security issues to be considered.

Security and fire system providers are categorized as an “essential business” by the Department of Homeland Security. Please know that Jade Alarm’s Central Station Monitoring Command Center as well as our service department are fully operational. Our customer care team is still taking your calls and will conduct site surveys for residential alarms, commercial alarms and industrial alarm systems for burglar alarms, fire alarms, sprinkler alarms and access control systems. Jade Alarm is taking all recommended precautions to protect our employees and customers.

When a business is temporarily closed or is rarely visited, it is even more critical to make sure your business security and fire systems are working properly. Here are the top seven tips on how to optimize your business security and fire systems to keep your business assets protected — even when you are stuck at home.

Tip #1: Review the emergency notification list at your security and fire system providers

Make sure your security and fire system providers have the most up-to-date emergency notification list for your business location. The emergency notification list should have several contacts in case the Central Station Monitoring Command Center is not able to reach some of those on the list. If you are a Jade Alarm customer who is responsible for this information, please email our Data Entry Specialist at: fax@jadealarm.com or use our Contact Form, and we’ll have a Jade Representative get back to you.

Tip #2: Set up real-time disarm/arm email alerts for your business intrusion alarm system

If you have an intrusion alarm system installed at your home or business location, ask us if we can set up a real-time email alert that is sent whenever the system is disarmed or armed. This system alert will help you stay on top of the comings & goings at your premises. This is done for a very nominal fee.

Realtime arm and disarm email alerts

Tip #3: Add a SecureNet or FireNet radio to protect against internet, VOIP alarm monitoring, and phone service outages

Why we don’t normally recommend cellular alarms

Consider adding our SecureNet true digital radio to your intrusion alarm system or FireNet for the commercial fire alarm system in case there is an internet or phone service interruption. If your home or business loses its normal ‘phone’ connection for any reason, the radio will provide it’s alternative transmission path to ensure a continuous monitoring of your alarm system. Do note: the SecureNet and FireNet true digital radio systems are not easily defeated or compromised as cell based alarms can be easily done with cell jammers — easily obtained from the internet.

Tip #4: Make sure your cameras are correctly positioned and that the video system has sufficient storage capacity

Confirm that your video surveillance system is working properly, and all the cameras are positioned correctly without any obstructions. Also make sure your system has sufficient storage capacity to retain the amount of recorded video that you need. To make managing video systems easier, all JadeVision video systems are checked for their health status. In addition, Jade’s dedicated technical services team proactively monitors all video systems. Should there be any issue that could prevent video from being captured, we will address it immediately and dispatch a technician to the customer site, if necessary.

Tip #5: Set up real-time video alerts when motion is detected in pre-selected areas and the dangers of cloud-based video surveillance

In the age of salesmen trying to push cloud-based video surveillance systems, we want our customers to be careful due to the possibility of hacking and then displaying for ‘all to see’ on the internet. With our J5 video system and its multi-level security, it is easy to access HD-quality live video feed from your secure recorder that is at YOUR premises – while you’re at home (or anywhere). But it is not always possible to keep your eyes on the video screens all the time. To keep your eye on pre-selected or high-security areas (e.g., IT/server rooms, executive offices or stockrooms) without having to be glued to the screen, contact us to set up real-time notification whenever motion is detected by the camera surveilling that area. With the JadeVision video surveillance system, this alert notification will include a timestamped snapshot of the video along with a link to view the recorded video. We will activate this notification service for any customer who requests it at no additional charge – providing the hardware has this capability.

Tip #6: Review your door access control policies and system activity reports

If you are using a Jade SecureCard Access Control System at your business location, this is a good time to review your access control policies (e.g., who can enter which specific doors when) and update them as needed. Also review your access control activity reports to make sure there aren’t any suspicious activities taking place.

Tip #7: Keep up with code-required inspection, testing and maintenance of commercial fire systems

If you are also responsible for the fire alarm system(s) at your business location, remember that all commercial fire and life safety systems must meet the schedule for inspection, testing and maintenance (ITM) required by the codes and standards of the local municipality. See the official guidance from NFPA on maintaining fire protection and life safety systems during the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. Jade Alarm installs approved fire alarm systems and our technicians continue to service systems to ensure full code compliance

Please take care and be safe. We are open 24/7 and ready to assist when you need us!

It has been a tough these past weeks, and according to all the public health experts, we must brace ourselves for more tough times ahead. We hope you and your loved ones are safe. If you’re worried about how to protect your home or business at this time, we are here and ready to answer your questions. Contact us at Jade Alarm — WE CARE!

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— Joseph Pfefer

President & Founder