Published September 27, 2020

ProSeries Motion Detectors – False Alarm Resistance:

Unwanted alarms are the source of many alarm company’s headaches.

This is the reason for Jade Alarm Co. to standardize on the ProSeries motion detector sensor.

Early sensors were ultrasonic motion detectors. But, these would false trigger due to air movement and ultrasonic sirens or whistles.

Several manufactures attempted to stop those two problems using microwave technology. That technology did not respond to air movement nor sound.

The industry then invented infrared sensors. These detect the body heat signature of an intruder.

ProSeries motion sensor technology takes alarm detection sensor capability to a new level. utilizing patented technology. This technology is ‘fusion technology’. Smart computer chips analyze the temperature of the room as well as how a possible thief is moving.

Jade Alarm Co. is proud to be the Beta Field Testing site of this revolutionary system.
Please review the video and the technology utilized to prevent false alarms

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— Joseph Pfefer

President & Founder

Published September 27, 2020