Published October 23, 2020
Category Informative

One of the values of a system is having the ‘announcement’ of a system. Alarm decals and our yard signs provide this.

During the decal & yard sign design, the sign manufacture indicated they could now add an address placard to the sign. Signs could be customized for each home or business!

A special 3M reflective coating added onto both decals and yard sign gave the ability to ‘light up’ when illuminated by a first responder’s search light. IMMEDIATLY knowing the address could save valuable seconds! Despite the added cost, this option was incorporated.

Police Officers and EMT responders comment they appreciate this feature!

A restaurant manager told this story to me: A customer had just left the restaurant and noticed an arriving car. Two men exit the vehicle. When approaching the front doors, head coverings were pulled down. One of the men pointed to the Jade Alarm decal on the front door as they were about to enter. Apparently he commented to his cohort. They immediately turned around and ran back to their vehicle – leaving.

An apparent holdup that did not happen!

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— Joseph Pfefer

President & Founder

Published October 23, 2020
Category Informative