Published October 23, 2020
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A well-known local restaurateur shared the following story with me:

One of his customers was in their car after enjoying an afternoon lunch at the restaurant. The customer observed a vehicle entering and parking in the lot and 2 men exiting the vehicle. These men pulled down ski masks over their faces and walked toward the restaurant’s front door. One of the men, upon seeing the Jade Alarm decal on the front door, stopped and pointed to it. After quickly discussing the situation, the 2 ran back to their vehicle and drove off. They understood that this was a secured business and no easy mark.

Additionally, several fire and police department personnel have indicated that the highly reflective Jade Alarm Co. address locator yard signs help emergency responders find and identify a property quickly, day or night, in case of an emergency.

Due to the weather, yard maintenance equipment hitting the signs and/or long time periods, many of the Jade Alarm Co. address locator signs and window decals may be damaged and need replacement. We would be happy to replace them for you. If you need a new yard sign or door/window decal, please just call, email or enclose a note with your payment describing what is required.

Part of your security is the JADE ALARM signage—we want to ensure it is intact!

*There is no charge for getting this important item taken care of

An apparent holdup that did not happen!

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— Joseph Pfefer

President & Founder

Published October 23, 2020
Category Informative