Published November 1, 2020
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Jade Alarm provides several different access control system types. Systems can be simple combination keypad or even a fully integrated system. Choose a system you administer, or have us remotely administer the system (*which 85% of our customers prefer us to provide this function). This includes the database from our secured Central Station Facility. Our 24×7 facility can immediately make requested changes such as unlocking a door or deleting someone. Each person has their own combination, FOB, or Bio-metric identification. Thus, any action can be easily identified for tracking purposes.

A simple access security system will just unlock a door each time the combination or FOB (electronic key) is used. An integrated system has the ability to include automatically unlocking the door or doors at a certain time and certain day-of-week. The schedule takes into accounts holiday schedules for revising the unlock – lock schedule.

The history of each time a combination or FOB was used is a critical function. Our generated reports assist in reducing internal theft or ‘shrinkage’. The 1st manager in function – in the event of a weather emergency, the front door that normally unlocks at 07:00 in the morning would not do so. Having a manager utilizing their FOB would normally unlock the door for the day. This prevents abnormal conditions blindly unlocking the door when the premises is actually closed during an emergency.

Systems utilize the following methods to unlock a door: Combination, Proximity FOBs or Cards that are ‘waved’ in front of the reader and even Bio-metric touchless hand readers. Each has its own area of use.

Another critical part of the system is the power supply. Each Jade Alarm Security Access Control system includes both a main and a backup rechargeable power supply. In the event of a main power outage, the system will continue to operate as normal. If our customer wishes for an extended backup power, we are happy to provide this as well!

AND, all of our system controllers are proudly made in either Springfield Missouri or Dallas Texas! see or

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— Joseph Pfefer

President & Founder

Published November 1, 2020
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