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Published December 17, 2020
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This week, three of our installation
professionals, Kirk, Lazaro and Yosmel have
been diligently installing all week a high
security system for Crews Jewelry. Our newest
customer service representative, Mr. Bruce
Clippinger, knew Ms. Carolyn Crews Pope
was not happy with her current service
provider. Ms. Pope wanted a company that
would provide personalized service and was
excited when we sat down with her and
explained some of the differences between her
current “big box company” and the
personalized service the people at Jade Alarm
would provide!
Ms. Pope—it is an honor for us to serve you!

After 46-years representing insurance to the unique and high
risk clients in the jewelry industry, Bruce Clippinger decided to
retire from the insurance industry. Bruce represented Jewelers
Mutual Insurance & several other excellent carriers. Clients in
both Missouri and Kansas. Bruce was a Reserve Police Officer
with KCPD for 19 years, retiring in 1994 as a Sgt. Using his
knowledge in law enforcement & insurance, he advised clients.
Many times his recommendations were taken to “heart” and
helped individual store owners avoid financial disasters.
Thank you for welcoming Bruce to Jade Alarm Co.!


There are many differences between safes.
We prefer to recommend UL listed units even though they are
more expensive. Then, there is the actual ‘level’ of the UL
listing. Is the purpose to protect records from burglary or fire?
OR, either. There are separate UL listings as what may secure
records against a fire is pretty worthless to prevent entry from
thieves. Please go to our website at: www.jadealarm.com and
view the BLOG section regarding more information. *there are
YouTube videos on how quickly a cheap safe can be defeated


Despite the adversities that are surrounding us on a daily basis, we do need to be very grateful with what we are blessed with. Each day the sun arises in the East and we are CERTAIN it will again set in the West. Allowing many of us to have a restful night’s sleep.

We have electricity power at the flip of a switch! Many other areas of the world are not as fortunate. With that power we have lighting and electrical motors that enable us to have refrigeration, heating and air conditioning. AND, if things keep progressing as Mr. Elon Musk of Tesla hopes, much of the world will eventually be using electric cars.

While the TV news headlines continue to scream discontent and issues, our fantastic country proceeds to feed families both here and abroad. Unfortunately, too much of the news is focused on the negative instead of what our country— The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA continues to accomplish and that it is wonderful! BE PROUD!

As the year begins to close upon us, I think of what we have accomplished during the short time I have been here. I have seen us send an astronaut to the moon (I remember the comment in the newspapers about the water pressure suddenly dropping right afterwards when it seems as if the entire country rushed to use their bathrooms at the same time!)

We have aircraft that allow us to fly from city to city and across our great oceans. Our doctors have and continue to perform ’miracles’ on a regular basis. Recently, I discovered St. Jude Hospital for Children went from a 4% survival rate to a 94% success rate for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia type of cancer. Hopefully, with continued
research and hard work, the very word ‘cancer’ will be stricken from our vocabulary!

With the power of the internet, the communication between research physicians around the globe is enabling us to proceed with discovery of vaccines. Prior to this, it would take 2- 3 years for a vaccine to be on the market. YES! WE HAVE A LOT TO BE GRATEFUL AND THANKFUL FOR! Enjoy the upcoming holidays. If you are cautious, do so remotely. I still remember not being allowed to the swimming pool due to Polio, until the vaccine was produced. LET US ENJOY!


At 04:14AM an interior motion sensor signal was received. During our contact with the Lee’s Summit Police Dispatchers additional motion alarms were received by our dispatchers and they continued to inform Lee’s Summit PD of the different areas. Due to the speed of the Police Officer’s response the intruder was apprehended in Raytown after a high speed chase. The speed of our SecureNet radio played a factor since the signal was transmitted at it’s incredible 1/300th of a second unlike slower alarm transmission methods! Speed & prompt response makes the difference in protection of life & property!

At 04:26AM multiple motion sensor alarms were received by our dispatchers from a trailer dealership. As our Central Station personnel were able to remotely view the exterior of the building with JadeVision cameras, the Grandview Police were informed of 3- intruders gaining entry. Upon arrival, the responding officers found the intruders had quickly fled with minimal loss due to the amount of time the thieves did NOT have—due to their prompt response!

At 01:08AM a front glass door breakage alarm was received by our dispatchers. Upon responding, the large front window was found to be broken. Ownership quickly boarded up the front glass. Then, again, the very next night at 01:52AM signals were received. Apparently the thieves were assuming the customer was unprotected! They quickly fled!

This is the importance of making sure the alarm is operational. Our personnel will respond to ensure coverage is intact with either adding motion or thin lacing wiring until the new glass or door is installed. We are here to ensure your security is intact!
Day or night—we are HERE for you!

“Providing Your Security Since 1969”

— Joseph Pfefer

President & Founder

Published December 17, 2020
Category Jade Wire