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Published June 17, 2021
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Hacking Risks: Is Your Home Security System Safe?

In the past, alarm systems were just a tripwire tied to a bell and other primitive setups. However, thanks to
modern and innovative technology, you now have access to much more effective security devices to help keep
you safe. However, with this technology, a new risk has emerged – hackers.

Hackers are smart. They find new and effective ways to bypass your security system and get into your personal

Hacking Defined

Hacking means that someone has gained unauthorized access to a computerized or electronic system. It really is
that simple.

With security systems, hacking virtually always means gaining access to the app that manages the cameras or
alarm or going around the security system, so it does not go off. From Wi-Fi cameras and doorbell cameras to
your entire alarm panel, there are more than a few ways for hackers to gain access to your system. The news
media frequently reports of a hacker’s success!

Is Your System at Risk?

One of the top signs that your security system is at risk of being hacked is if you do not use the services of a
quality and reputable company for your alarm services. By using Jade Alarm, a certified alarm company, you
are using a quality service provider who is concerned about safety and your security! We have taken extra
efforts to ensure we are protecting your personal information and your security system and to ensure it is not
breached by nefarious individuals.

If you are concerned about your system being hacked, speak with us! We can help you understand what
safeguards are in place to minimize the possibility of being hacked.

Does your system need a re-evaluation or possible upgrade?

Many time a business or homeowner may not think much about the surveillance and security systems except
when it is needed! This could mean your existing solutions are outdated, need to be upgraded, suffer from gaps,
or are not fully functional.

Please don’t let this occur! Unfortunately, if you don’t take a proactive stance to your security needs, you may
discover these shortcomings too late. Knowing the most common signs that you should upgrade your security
can help you avoid potential issues.

You Are Unable to View or Record Activities

For most businesses and homes, being able to view and monitor key areas of the facility and property is
essential for safety and compliance. This is especially true for customer-facing businesses like retail stores and
restaurants. Our Jade Alarm ‘health check’ of the video system indicates our Central Station Command Center
Dispatchers are 3-times a day checking in on your video system ensuring a reliable picture is observed. More
than once have our Dispatchers recognized an issue with a camera such as moving it away from the protected

Significant Expansion Since the Security System Was Installed

Has your business or home had renovation, been expanded or changed significantly since your surveillance or alarm system was installed? Have you moved walls and could have changed protection capability of motion sensors? Have all your premise keys been returned to you after being loaned out? Are you sure that all areas are being properly protected?

It is important to re-evaluate the infrastructure to ensure it matches the growth going on.

The Inability to Respond in Real-Time to Risky or Disruptive Situations

Vandals and thieves can strike at any time. Also, because of the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, the public may demonstrate disruptive behavior, which is something that has been seen in some areas. Having a high-resolution camera system that feeds into a constantly recording along with an alarm monitoring system will help ensure the safest and fastest response times. We have the records to prove it!

No Power Redundancy or Communications

Today, thieves are savvier more than ever before. They can take over a premises landline or jam the cell phone to prevent the alarm from reaching the first responders. Talk with us about our SecureNet true digital radio network to ensure your alarm signal will still get through! Make sure you have some type of backup communications in place. Also, thinking ahead if the power goes out, be sure your back up batteries that power your system are ‘fresh’ and recently replaced to keep the alarms live until power is restored. This is especially important after the recent ‘rolling’ power outages. We now have extended battery backup power cabinets for long term power outages.

If you notice any of the issues mentioned here, it is clear you need to upgrade your home or business’s security system. Doing so will help ensure you, your family and if a business, your employees, your business, and your customers remain safe.


Important Detectors You Need in Your Home

(Besides a Security System)

Protecting your home and family is a top priority for most people. This is one of the top reasons people invest in a home security system. However, intruders are not the only threat to your family’s safety in a home. There are other potential dangers, too, such as carbon monoxide poisoning, water leaks, and smoke. Jade Alarm’s Dispatchers can be alerted with the right detectors.
Contact us for a no-charge evaluation—we continue to save lives with our life-safety systems!

Smoke Detectors

Fire can quickly spread. This is why each home should be equipped with a working fire alarm. In fact, according to the U.S. Fire Administration, residential structures are the leading property type for fire related deaths, fire injuries, and fire dollar loss. The possibility of an injury and possible fatalities is high with residential fires, which makes it essential that you take the right precautions. Investing in monitored smoke detectors with heat sensor fire alarms that are triggered with the presence of smoke and increased temperatures. This is a smart way to protect yourself and your family. AND DO YOU HAVE AN ESCAPE PLAN IN PLACE?!!! THIS IS CRITICAL!!

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Published June 17, 2021
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