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Published October 8, 2021

STATUS OF THIS ALERT FOR THOSE CONCERNED: CRITICAL!!! I first want to thank you for your continued business and let you know that providing you with round the clock security/fire service to ensure your safety is of utmost importance to Jade Alarm Co. Over the past 52 years, Jade Alarm Co. has made it a […]

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Exterior Security for YOUR business

Published August 12, 2021

On top of the exterior security systems we offer, our 24/7 monitoring and top-rated personnel makes Jade Alarm Company the right choice for your business. At Jade Alarm, we know the safety and security of your employees and facilities is of utmost importance. Jade Alarm understands your concerns and we can provide you peace of […]

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Published November 16, 2020

Alarm contacts are one of the simplest forms of alarm sensor. This device detects a door (or window) being opened. Jade Alarm utilizes the new Magnasphere anti-tamper magnetic sensor. Other sensors are defeated with the introduction of an outside magnetic. Magnasphere sensors are impervious to this type of attempted defeat. Magnasphere contacts are identical in […]

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Published September 13, 2020

UL Certification of Fire Alarm Central Station vs Remote Station Service. The differences between them are: the level of service required by the alarm company to ensure the system is back in service. In the event of a fire the system must be operating. I have seen alarm keypads registering “TROUBLE CONDITION”  within restaurants or […]

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Glass Breakage Detection

Published August 18, 2020

Below are different devices to attempt to detect glass breakage by intruders. Originally, there was window ‘foil’ or silver tape. This tape was virgin lead. To apply it, one would initially put down a ‘track’ of clear spar varnish, wait for it to become tacky and then, while slightly stretching the lead foil, apply this […]

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