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CPTED – Using Lighting to Discourage Thieves

Published September 22, 2020

CPTED’s (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) goal is to prevent crime by designing a physical environment that positively influences human behavior. The theory is based on four principles: natural access control, natural surveillance, territoriality, and maintenance. With the above in mind, evaluation of the premises or ‘target’ can include the following recommendations for the physical facility: INTERIOR […]

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Published September 20, 2020

‘Open’ indicates the alarm is disarmed with the business being ‘open’ for the day. ‘Close’ indicates the alarm system is armed. Someone entering in must either disarm the system or the alarm system will be triggered. Authorities will be contacted for dispatch. If the person disarming the system is outside of pre-determined hour schedule, a […]

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Published September 13, 2020

UL Certification of Fire Alarm Central Station vs Remote Station Service. The differences between them are: the level of service required by the alarm company to ensure the system is back in service. In the event of a fire the system must be operating. I have seen alarm keypads registering “TROUBLE CONDITION”  within restaurants or […]

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Glass Breakage Detection

Published August 18, 2020

Below are different devices to attempt to detect glass breakage by intruders. Originally, there was window ‘foil’ or silver tape. This tape was virgin lead. To apply it, one would initially put down a ‘track’ of clear spar varnish, wait for it to become tacky and then, while slightly stretching the lead foil, apply this […]

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How Signals Get to the Central Station Monitoring Command Center

Published August 18, 2020

Jade Alarm’s True Digital Radio Network is the most reliable and durable method of communication for your Security and Life-Safety needs. In the 1970’s the alarm ’dialing’ equipment with the ability to indicate in what area an intrusion or fire was occurring came into being and now is being replaced with other methods such as […]

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