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Published August 12, 2021

On top of the exterior security systems we offer, our 24/7 monitoring and top-rated personnel makes Jade Alarm Company the right choice for your business. At Jade Alarm, we know the safety and security of your employees and facilities is of utmost importance. Jade Alarm understands your concerns and we can provide you peace of mind with our quality products and services.

Oftentimes, cameras are the first thing we think about when wanting to protect our property, business, and employees from intruders. However, they are NOT the only way to protect our property and businesses. Being one of the security companies in Kansas City proudly offering video surveillance systems to the surrounding areas – (Jade even travels to Topeka and even Wichita), we know cameras are great for viewing what is happening during or after an event. However, they do not notify anyone when there is an event taking place.

With advances in technology, there are several other types of exterior intrusion alarm devices that can assist in deterring criminals from stepping foot on your property or notifying Jade Alarm’s Central Station dispatchers as soon as they do.

These exterior security devices will immediately notify Jade Alarm’s Central Station, taking appropriate action to help protect YOUR property/business.

We will cover those products/services below, but first, here are two stories from one of our satisfied customers, Wolfe Automotive group, at two of their area locations:

An intruder triggered the exterior security system at Wolfe Automotive Body Shop and dispatchers at Jade Alarm’s Central Station, which is manned 24/7/365, was able to immediately view the intruder on the exterior cameras. Dispatchers remotely spoke to the intruder through the exterior speaker system and warned him to leave or police would be notified. The intruder refused to leave the property and the police were dispatched to the Body Shop. When they arrived, the intruder entered a vehicle on the property to hide from police. Jade Alarm dispatchers were still viewing the cameras and were able to direct officers directly to the intruder, where he was captured and arrested. The officers commented that it was their easiest arrest of the night. 

Exterior Security Camera

On a cold Winter night, at 0245 hours, Jade Alarm’s Central Station received a signal, indicating an intruder on the property at the new Jay Wolfe Acura dealership. Jade Alarm dispatchers were able to view exterior cameras and realized he was looking for more than a new vehicle. Dispatchers contact police, who were immediately dispatched to the property. Despite the intruder’s best efforts to hide, Jade Alarm dispatchers were once again able to lead police directly to him. He and his apparent girlfriend were arrested on scene. 

In both instances, Jade Alarm’s Jade Vision assisted the Wolfe Automotive Group to avoid losses of property, property damage, and insurance coverage. 

Now you may be asking, what else can we use to protect ourselves from intruders. GENERAL DESCRIPTION of items we can use here. 

On top of the exterior security products and interior security systems we offer, our top-rated personnel and service is what makes Jade Alarm Company stand out from our competition. Jade’s world-class Central Station Monitoring Command Center is the heart of our business. It is why we can honestly say we deliver: Peace of Mind, Since 1969. Jade Alarm Co. is this area’s ONLY full service, independent U.L. Certified Monitoring & Installation Company. Our Central Station Monitoring Command Center is not run by a subcontracted, out-of-state, third party but is staffed by Jade Alarm Co. employees at our Kansas City headquarters and operates 24/7/365 days a year. 

Exterior Security Footage

Jade personnel are screened and continually trained as Central Station Monitoring Command Center dispatchers and are proud of the job they do. Our highly screened and constantly trained Monitoring Professionals understand they are not only protecting their own homes, but also their neighborhoods and the places their families work or visit daily. By locating our Central Station Monitoring Command Center in the heart of our service area sets us aside from many of our competitors who attempt to monitor their customers from other cities, other states, and even other countries. Operating our Monitoring Facility locally also allows Jade to maintain a good working relationship with all the emergency service providers who will be rushing to your aid when called. 

Time is of the essence when lives/businesses are at stake. Having an exterior security system in place that notifies authorities at the earliest moment a threat is detected is critical in protection of your employees/business. 

In order to have the most secure, reliable communication with Jade Alarm’s Central Station, Jade Alarm offers SecureNet Radio as an option for monitoring your exterior security system. When you rely on phone lines or cable providers to connect to your alarm monitoring company, an inexpensive pair of garden shears is all that stands in the way of an unwanted intruder in your home or business. 

Cell phone-based systems are also easily defeated by readily available cell phone jammers. For some systems, simply cutting power to a building renders its security system useless. A loss of power or connectivity could also prevent a fire alarm signal from leaving your site, with disastrous results. Jade Alarm Co.’s True Digital Wireless Alarm Network successfully addresses all of these issues and more. It is, by far, the fastest and most reliable method to transmit alarm signals.

Protecting your property, business, and employees is a significant responsibility and here at Jade Alarm, we understand that responsibility. We do not take assisting you in protecting your property/business and employees lightly. We would love to meet with you and discuss any questions you may have about alarm systems your property/business.

You can contact our Central Station at (816) 333-5233

“Providing Your Security Since 1969”

— Joseph Pfefer

President & Founder

Published August 12, 2021