Published October 8, 2021


I first want to thank you for your continued business and let you know that providing you with round the clock security/fire service to ensure your safety is of utmost importance to Jade Alarm Co. Over the past 52 years, Jade Alarm Co. has made it a priority to stay up-to-date with changes in the alarm security industry, as well as the technology industry, in order to better serve our valued customers. At times I come across critical information not having to directly do with security-alarm systems. This is such an issue:

I understand not everyone understands the cyber security world and the threats that arise from it, so I would like to share some of the information about cyber security attacks and what can happen in the event of a system breach and what I recently learned:

During the insurance review with our broker, our Cyber Security Insurance was discussed.

The Cyber insurance industry is in turmoil due to the number of breaches occurring.

As such, many insurance companies are pulling out of the marketplace – leaving countless businesses at risk in the event of a possible computer software breach from a hacking and/or ransomware attack.

The remaining companies are now demanding MFA – Multi Factor Authentication as part of the security protection scheme.

To implement MFA, Jade Alarm spent close to 18-months of efforts. It is NOT just ‘adding some software over a weekend’.

In the event of a system breach, the following may occur:

*Your total system is shut down – you are unable to schedule customer appointments, communicate with vendors for delivery of goods, generate checks for vendors or payroll. In other words, your entire business grinds to a halt!

*The ransomware hackers will demand payment of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in bitcoin as not to be traceable. These hackers may be in Russia, China, N. Korea, Iran – THESE ARE EVIL PEOPLE!!

*When the hackers provide the ‘unlock key’ – which may or may not properly work, they may NOW come back and demand MORE MONEY to not release sensitive information onto the internet. This could include financial records and employee records.

If the ransomware attack was successful and information has left your premises, State and Federal laws, depending upon each state can include:

*Contacting any customers or employees, current and past to indicate there was a breach.

*You may be responsible for the efforts someone spent cancelling and re-establishing their credit and bank accounts.
This is why Jade Alarm Co. takes cyber security so seriously and has taken measures to ensure your data, as well as our own, is protected. The financial burden of these types of attacks can be devastating to any business, especially a small business due to the Federal & State regulations that are in place in the event of a Cyber Attack and Breach.

Again, I want to thank you for your continued business and ask you to reach out with any questions about what steps Jade Alarm Co. has taken to update our cyber security protection and how this knowledge may better serve and protect you and your business.

“Providing Your Security Since 1969”

— Joseph Pfefer

President & Founder

Published October 8, 2021